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Oatmeal not only reduces weight, it is also a better option for the skin

Oatsmeal Benefits For SkinThere are many benefits such as strengthening the immune system, reducing the risk of diseases like cancer and eliminating the problem of constipation, which can be obtained from the consumption of oatmeal. Actually it is low in calories and high in fiber. After eating oatmeal, the stomach feels full for a long time, due to which it is also helpful in reducing weight. But oatmeal is not only helpful in reducing weight, but it is also helpful in making the skin flawless. According to Medical News Today Consuming oatmeal is beneficial for the skin as it contains ingredients like beta glucan (which can absorb water), phenol which is an anti-oxidant and saponin which helps in keeping the skin clean.

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reduces water retention

Consuming oats or porridge early in the morning reduces water retention in the body. With this, the swelling above the face, under the eyes can be got rid of. That is why it is considered a good break fast option.

skin cleansing
The saponins present in oatmeal act as cleansing agents. In this way, by consuming oatmeal, the skin stays away from dirt and remains clean. You can also get rid of blemishes on the skin.

best for oily skin
If oatmeal is mixed with multani mitti and applied as a face pack, it absorbs excess oil from the skin. Therefore people with oily skin must use this mask and remove excess oil from the face.
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get rid of dry skin

Make a paste by mixing two spoons of oatmeal, one egg, lemon and honey. Applying it on the skin can get rid of the problem of dry skin as this pack provides hydrating properties to the skin. This face pack is very useful during the monsoon season because at this time many people face the problem of dry skin.

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