Odisha Train Accident: What is Electronic Interlocking System


Transition between trains is controlled using electronic and computer networks.
Electronic interlocking is a modern signaling system. It is software based.
The line for which locking is done, the loco pilot gets the green signal for the same.

Coromandel Express Accident: The gruesome train accident that took place on June 2 in Balasore, Odisha has shaken the entire nation. 288 people lost their lives in this accident, while about one thousand people were injured. Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav says that this accident was due to electronic interlocking system (Electronic Interlocking System) Happened because of the change in Ever since electronic interlocking has been cited as the reason for the accident, everyone is curious to know whether this is an important system of railway signals. How does it work?

Interlocking system is an important system used in signaling. It is a system to ensure the safety of the train. This is the system through which all the work required for the safe movement of trains is controlled at railway stations, junctions and signaling points. The purpose of the interlocking system is that no train receives the signal to proceed until the line is clear. If the loop line is set while the train is passing through the station, then the main line signal will not be given to the loco pilot. Similarly, if the main line is set, then the signal of the loop line will not be received. In this way there is uninterrupted operation of trains.

The control of this system is with the employee sitting at the station. (Image: @RailMinIndia/twitter)

vital system
There are two types of interlocking system in railways. One is Mechanical Interlocking or Electrical Interlocking and the other is Electronic or Computer Interlocking Electronic Interlocking Modern Signaling System. It is software based. Changes can be made easily in this. It has minimum system down time even in case of failure. It is a security system, which controls the operating system between signals and switches to ensure the safety of trains. It is an engineering system in which the transition between trains is controlled using electronic and computer networks.

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Control room of electronic interlocking at Bandel Junction, West Bengal. (Image: @RailMinIndia/twitter)

how does this system work
There are many lines in the yards near the railway station. To connect these lines, points are made some distance away from the station. Motor is used to connect these points. There is a locking between these points and the signal. This locking is done in such a way that after the point is set, the green signal comes for the line whose route is set. This is called interlocking. Its control is with the employee sitting at the station. This employee gives signal to the loco pilot of the incoming train that in which yard of the railway station he should enter. Interlocking only ensures the safety of the train.

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