Offer 8 types of leaves to Mahadev, luck will shine, many problems will go away


The flower of the figure is very dear to Lord Shiva.
The leaves of the figures are also very dear to Lord Shiva.

8 Leaves Offer Lord Shiva: In Hindu religious scriptures, some special rules and regulations have been given regarding the worship of different gods and goddesses. It has also been told in the religious scriptures that what is right to offer to which goddess or deity and what is not. It is believed that if God is worshiped in the right way during worship, then he will surely fulfill your wishes by being pleased. In such a situation, if we talk about Lord Bholenath, then all the sorrows of life go away by worshiping Lord Shiva. In religious scriptures, many things have been told about which are offered to Lord Shiva. By offering them to Lord Shiva, he remains pleased with his devotees. Resident of Bhopal Astrologer and Vastu expert Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma Telling, about some leaves to be offered to Bholenath.

Shami leaves

It is said in Shiva Purana that Lord Shiva loves Shami leaves very much. It is believed that along with Shivling, Shami leaves are also offered to Lord Ganesha. By offering Shami leaves to Mahadev, all the problems of a person go away, as well as Shani dosha also reduces.

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peepal leaves

If you do not have Belpatra to offer to Lord Shiva on Monday. So you can also offer Peepal leaves to Lord Shiva. Worshiping Lord Shiva with Peepal leaves on the day of Somvati Amavasya removes all the troubles of a person.


Apamarg which is also known as Chirchita plant. The leaves of this plant can also be offered on Shivling. It is believed that by offering Apamarg leaves on Shivling, happiness, peace and prosperity comes in life.


Dhatura fruit and its leaves both are very dear to Lord Shiva, if you do not have Dhatura fruit to offer to Lord Shiva. So you can also offer its leaves on Shivling.


Cannabis is used in the consecration of Lord Bholenath. Apart from this, you can also offer hemp leaves on Shivling.


According to Hindu religious scriptures, Durva is like nectar, if you offer Durva grass on Shivling. So you can be blessed with longevity.

bamboo leaves

According to beliefs, if you offer bamboo leaves to Lord Shiva during worship. So by doing this you can get the happiness of a child.

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figure cards

The flower of the figure is very dear to Lord Shiva, apart from this the leaves of the figure are also very dear to Lord Shiva. You can also offer fig leaves on the Shivling.

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