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OMG! Is this a lemon or a football? Do not be surprised, where is this unique tree of three times the height, see VIDEO

Report – Ankit Parmar

Indore. Lemon tree is not commonly seen, but people who are fond of gardening plant this plant in their homes. You must have also seen a lemon tree planted in some or the other house, but we are showing you such a unique lemon tree here, which can surprise you. The reason for the fame of this tree, which became the subject of discussion in Indore, is the size of the lemon on it and the height of the tree. People are reaching Veena Nagar in Indore to see this special type of tree.

Actually the size of lemon is normally 2 to 3 inches but the size of lemon on this particular tree is bigger than football. The weight of this fruit ranges from 3 to 5 kg. Not only this, usually the lemon tree is only 8-12 feet, but this special type of lemon tree is more than 25 feet in height. People have started making videos and taking photos of it. This tree has also become a topic of discussion on social media.

Bihar’s special seed and importance related to Chhath

The owner of the tree, Sanju Sharma, told that 20 years ago, the seeds of this lemon had come from Bihar to Indore by her mother-in-law. Today a tree has grown from that seed. This lemon is known as Gagar lemon in Bihar. In Bihar, this tree gives fruit only once in a year, but the specialty of this tree is that in Indore this tree is giving fruit twice a year.

Sanju Sharma told that Gagar Lemon is needed during Chhath Puja in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is the reason that the demand for this lemon increases during Chhath and those celebrating Chhath Puja also come from far and wide to buy this lemon. He said that his family is not selling this lemon, but gives it to those who meet in the same way because it is taken in worship.

And there are some special things

According to Sharma, people from all over the city also come for the treatment of jaundice. They say that this Gagar lemon cures jaundice. Although the taste of this lemon is such that it is difficult to eat it directly. Its powder is also used in bakery products.

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