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Online Fraud: These 4 surefire ways will save you from banking fraud, no one will be able to break into your account


Always create a strong password to login to the account
Do not click on unknown links received on mobile and e-mail
Download Verified Mobile Banking App from Play Store

New Delhi: Digital and Online Banking (Online Banking) In the era of online fraud cases keep coming to the fore. Every day a citizen becomes a victim of fraud. Due to a slight mistake or carelessness, lakhs of rupees deposited in the bank account are cleared in a few seconds. Online banking fraud has become a big problem all over the world and there is a need to be very careful.

If you also use digital banking service, then it is very important to understand about its technical aspects. So that online transactions can be done carefully. You can use the following methods to avoid cyber criminals.

Be careful while creating password

To avail the digital banking service, you have to login to your account online on mobile or computer and for this a password is required. Always keep one thing in mind while creating a password that your password should be very strong so that no one can easily find it. In this, the date of birth, your name and mobile number should never be used. Because such passwords can be easily traced.

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Don’t click on unknown links

Often we get some unknown links in messages and e-mails on our mobiles, promising lucky offers and cashback. If you click on these links in greed, then further details of your bank account or ATM card are asked. If you answer this then you become a victim of banking fraud. So it is better to avoid clicking on these links.

Download Verified Banking App

For using online banking on mobile always use the application of the respective bank. Before downloading the banking app from Play Store, check it and download the verified app only. Because many fake applications are active here, on which after logging in, important information reaches the thugs doing online fraud. After this you can become a victim of some big fraud.

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Do not do any transaction through public wifi and cyber cafe

Free WiFi is available in many public places in the country and people often use this free WiFi to save internet data. During this, banking transactions are also done through this. Actually some of these WiFi services can also be fake. Therefore, if you do banking transactions using these, then the confidential information related to it reaches the cyber criminals and you can become a victim of banking fraud. Apart from this, do not share OTP received on mobile with anyone during banking transaction.

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