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Opinion: 5G service will get rocket like internet speed, revolution will come in people’s life

New Delhi: I have a friend from college days, a software engineer in America. Often we both talk on the phone, sometimes on a voice call and sometimes on a video call. But every time he has only one complaint, man your voice is coming intermittently, the video is getting frozen. Just last week he made a similar complaint. One such complaint is of another friend of mine who is fond of films. Often he gets upset while watching movies or webseries, because after running for some time, the buffering round chakri starts spinning. But now these problems of these two friends of mine or crores of people like them are going to end.

Because soon a rocket-like internet connection is going to come in their pocket. All this is becoming possible due to 5G technology, which has been launched in the country today. You must be thinking that what is this 5G technology and how is it going to affect our everyday life? You can also call 5G technology as the fifth generation technology, which supports the brand new upgraded mobile broadband network and provides services at a faster speed. It creates a different kind of network which is designed to connect machines, objects and equipment or rather everything together.

It is an integrated platform that is faster, more efficient and takes less processing time than the existing mobile or broadband networks. This technology is also capable of making better use of spectrum. With the help of 5G technology, long videos or movies in HD quality can also be downloaded in just a few seconds on mobile or other electronic devices. It will work about 10 times faster than the current 4G technology. Its superfast speed will save connectivity time for services. Data sharing can be done in real time. 5G technology is capable of providing uniform services to more than one lakh devices within a radius of one square kilometer.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
That is, with 5G technology, we will be equipped with modern facilities for better data speed and interruption free services and videos. Through this, everything from smart ambulances and health facilities to smart shopping and cloud gaming, will be a completely new experience for the people. Now let us tell you which areas related to our everyday life will benefit from this new technology. Real-time data sharing will help in increasing the production of crops using water, nutritious fertilizers and pesticides by viewing sensors/videos. Real-time accurate monitoring of agriculture, pesticides, fisheries and livestock can be done.

health services
With the help of artificial intelligence and 5G, there will be a revolutionary improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. With the help of robot, doctors sitting in Delhi will be able to perform surgery on a patient from a remote village in Gujarat. With the help of real time critical information and HD quality video for critical cases and patients from remote areas, hospitals will get a chance to prepare before their arrival. With the help of mobile clinics in rural areas, specialist doctors of big hospitals in cities will also be able to treat patients properly. Patients present in rural areas can be examined and monitored while sitting in cities.

financial Services
With the help of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, banking business can be settled by talking to bank employees sitting at home. The use of virtual banking and smart ATMs will be encouraged. Watching video or listening to audio on your device will no longer be a hindrance even in the midst of huge crowds of hundreds of thousands of people in shopping malls, stadiums or public events. Cities can be made smarter with the help of 5G technology. It will be helpful to equip the sewer system with technology for traffic control, smart traffic signals, cleanliness in cities. The security system in urban and rural areas will be further strengthened through video and surveillance in real time. The devices used in smart homes can be controlled by voice and gestures.

Classes can be made available to children even in remote areas through Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). Skill development training and practical training can also be given. Due to the real time and high speed, it will feel like a physical classroom. With 5G technology, students will be able to provide better, easier and cheaper education than before.

With the help of machine-to-machine communication, transportation of goods can be automated and their loading from warehouses to vehicles can also be automated. Freight containers, vehicles, cameras, signals and sensors can be interconnected to provide accurate real-time information.

5G technology will also help in making the transport sector smart. Different trains can be connected together, this will help the convoy of vehicles in driving and fleet management in remote areas. With e-toll, the toll of high speed vehicles can be collected automatically.

driverless car
With the advent of 5G technology, the dream of a driverless car in India will come true. This will be possible with real time navigation and driving technology. You will be able to call a driverless car by sitting anywhere at any place. Drone services will also get a boost from 5G technology. You will be able to order the things you need sitting at home and within minutes it will be at your doorstep.

Disaster Management and Security
In the event of natural or other calamities, relief and rescue work will be more effective than before. Any relief and rescue operation sitting far away can be conducted. Measures for the safety of workers in any under construction areas or mines will also be strengthened. Looking at all these features of 5G technology, we can see that rocket-like speed will now be present in your pocket. All we need is one click and we have all the facilities.

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