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Opportunity to buy an entire village in Spain, the price is just Rs 2 crore

New Delhi. If you want to buy a village in Spain at a low price, then you will not get a better opportunity than this. In fact, Salto de Castro, a Spanish village with over 40 houses, is up for sale at an astonishing price of €260,000 or around Rs 2 crore.

Salto de Castro is located on the border of Spain and Portugal. It is about 3 hours drive from Madrid. The buildings of this village, deserted for more than 3 decades, have become dilapidated.

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There are 44 houses in the deserted village
According to the BBC, the village has 44 houses, a hotel, a church, a school, a municipal swimming pool, a sports area and an old civil guard barracks. A man from Galicia bought the Salto de Castro in the early 2000s with the intention of turning it into a tourist destination. The 2008 recession forced him to put his plans on hold.

The owner had a dream to build a hotel
Ronnie Rodriguez of Royal Invest, the company representing the owner, said the owner had a dream to build a hotel here, but it was all put on hold. He would still like to make this project a reality.

The village is listed for sale on the Idealista website
The 80-year-old owner said, “I am selling as I am an urban dweller and cannot maintain the upkeep of the village”. He made this statement on the Idealista website where the village is listed for sale.

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The price of Spanish Village is less than the cost of many apartments in New Delhi
According to the BBC, a potential buyer has already put down money to reserve it. The village has been sold for €260,000 (£227,000), which is roughly equivalent to Rs 2 crore. Comparatively, a quick search reveals that this is less than the cost of many apartments in New Delhi.

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