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Pack Fruit Sandwich in Children’s School Tiffin, Learn Recipe

Fruit Sandwich: If you are confused about children’s lunch, then fruit sandwich can be a better option for you. Fruit sandwiches can be delicious as well as healthy for children, which you can prepare in a very easy way during school time and give them in lunch. The special thing about this sandwich is that it does not take you much time to prepare it. Also it is full of nutrition. Let’s know how to make Fruit Sandwich Recipe –

Fruit Sandwich Recipe

Materials needed 

    Bread Slices – 5 
  • cup of grapes – 10-12
  • Mango chopped – 1/2
  • apple chopped – 1/2 cup"font-weight: 400;">cream – 3 tbsp 
  • Jam – 3-4 types
  • As needed Walnut Powder 


    First to make Fruit Sandwich for Kids take bread slices. 
  • Then cut off the edges of these slices. 
  • Now mangoes, apples and other fruits  Cut into small pieces.
  • After this put all the fruits in a bowl. 
  • Similarly place 4 types of jam in separate small bowls. 
  • Now take a slice of bread. 
  • Spread it well by pouring cream over it. 
  • Now put a bread in it and put the fries. 
  • Put jam on it. Then put fruit on top of it.  
  • Similarly layer different flavors of jam and apply bread on it. 
  • Take the fruit sandwich is ready for the kids. Keep in mind that you have to sprinkle walnut powder on all the layers.
  • Now you can pack it in tiffin.  

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