Palmistry: Know how the influence line will affect your life, prosperity or ups and downs will come

Through palmistry, all the small lines present in the hands are related to our life. These lines have been explained in detail in the handbook. From the lines on the hand, not only your future but also many important information related to your life is also available.

Palmistry The future is ascertained from the lines of the hands. The smallest line present in the hands has been explained in detail in palmistry. Through these lines, not only the future but also many important information about the person’s life is available. You must have also heard about health line, life line and fate line in the lines present in the hand. Today we are going to give you important information about the effective line coming out of Venus area. This line starts from Venus area. This effective line has a profound effect on a person’s life. Let us know some important things related to the effective line…

such a line is inauspicious

According to the palmistry, if there is a star sign on the Venus area and starting from there an effective line cuts the life line and ends at a little distance ahead. Such a line is not considered auspicious. Due to having such a line in your hand, there are many ups and downs in your life.

You get fame when there is such a line

According to palmistry, if a line starts from the Venus line in a person’s hand and goes straight to the Sun area without being cut by any line. Such a person gets fame and fame with the help of friends, relatives and family.

such a line brings profit

It has been told in palmistry that if an effective line coming out of Venus area goes towards Mercury area instead of Sun area. So such a person gets profit and progress in the field of science and business. When this happens, the person gets full support of his friends and relatives. If this line is free from defects, then the person gets its auspicious results.

such a line is auspicious

When a line emerges from the Venus region and meets the Sun line, then such a line is considered very auspicious. On having such a line, the person achieves great success with the help of his relatives. Along with this, the person gets a lot of fame in his field.

fate line

When the effective line comes and meets the fate line, then the person gets auspicious results. If any court case etc. is going on such a person, then the person does not spend much money in it. Along with this, the fortune of that person increases. On the other hand, if this line meets the Sun area, then along with winning the case, you get wealth and property in inheritance.

wish fulfilling line

According to palmistry, if the line starts from Venus area in the hand of a person and goes to the area of ​​Jupiter. Then this effective line makes the sign of a star at the end, then a person’s great ambition is fulfilled.

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