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Pancreatic Cancer: The risk of pancreatic cancer is more in men, know its stages and methods of prevention – know pancreatic cancer stages and how to prevent yourself – News18 Hindi


Cancer of the pancreas is actually considered the most dreaded of all forms of cancer.
This is due to the formation of cancer cells in the pancreas which spread to the blood cells.
There are four stages of pancreatic cancer which includes the process of diagnosis and treatment.

Pancreatic Cancer Stages: In India, the number of patients with pancreatic cancer is less as compared to other countries and the speed of its spread is also less as compared to other cancers, but this speed is increasing due to lack of information. Most of the diseases reach the last stage due to lack of information and till then the patient or the doctor cannot do anything special. That’s why it is important to know all the stages of pancreatic cancer as prevention is better than cure. Let us know about those four stages of pancreatic cancer, knowing about which this deadly disease can be avoided.

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According to Myoclinic, among all forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer is considered more serious. Pancreatic cancer is caused by the production of cancerous cells in the pancreas. However, this cancer spreads more in people of increasing or advanced age. Men are more prone to pancreatic cancer than women because they smoke more and smoking is one of the causes of pancreatic cancer.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer –
– Jaundice
– Persistent pain in the stomach
– Light colored stools and feeling greasy in stools
– Persistent constipation
Persistent pain in the back and abdomen
Feeling tired, feverish
– Swelling of the liver and feeling of nausea

There are four stages of pancreatic cancer –
First stage – Although most people do not get information about the first stage of pancreas cancer. However, during this time the body gives many signals, which the patient ignores as signs of common disease, such as dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite and abdominal pain.

Second stage – The correct estimate of pancreas cancer can be detected in the second stage of cancer. In this stage, the symptoms of cancer start increasing and along with constipation, jaundice, swelling of the liver starts. In the second stage, the pancreas starts putting pressure on other organs of the body by moving from its right place. The release of bile juices from the liver increases due to the displacement of the pancreas and those juices start getting mixed in the blood when the pancreatic cancer grows. This causes jaundice and the liver starts getting weak continuously. In many cases, the life of the patient becomes due to liver failure.

Third stage – The third stage of pancreas cancer starts with doctor’s examination and treatment. During this medical examination is done and the doctors decide that in which parts of the body the cancer has reached and how much damage has been done to the body. During this time medicines start and for the correct staging of cancer, doctors take support of TNM method i.e. number system. This means tumor, node and metastases. At the third stage itself, doctors go to the bottom of how far the cancer has spread in the pancreas and whether it has reached lymph and nodes or not. The third stage also determines whether the cancer has spread to the blood cells near the pancreas.

Fourth stage – However, in most of the cases patients get late alert and pancreas cancer can be identified only in the fourth stage where treatment is usually not possible. In the fourth stage, cancer spreads to cells outside the pancreas. During this cancer spreads to pancreatic as well as liver and lungs. During this, chemotherapy, chemoradiation therapy, palliative surgery, bypass surgery and gastric bypass surgery are options for treatment depending on the condition of the patient and cancer. In fact, in the fourth stage, treatment with only medicines is not possible and during this, surgery is resorted to.

Prevention is necessary to avoid a deadly disease like pancreas. The more important it is to detect this disease in time, the more important it is to implement measures to avoid this disease.

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  • do exercise and yoga regularly
  • Do not eat packaged and processed food
  • Don’t smoke, stay away from people who smoke
  • Eat green vegetables instead of red meat and other non-vegetarian food
  • Do not let the weight increase.
  • Stay away from foods that weaken the liver
  • Keep sugar intake low
  • Get regular medical checkups done after 45 years

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