Parents should not speak these 6 things in front of children, it has a wrong effect on personality

Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids: Being good or evil in children is not their own fault, but the big reason for this can be said to the treatment being done to them by their parents. Although parents may not make these mistakes intentionally, and sometimes in order to build their better future, they inadvertently start doing some such things or start behaving in such a way that perhaps their children start having a wrong effect on their personality., according to, One of the most difficult things for parents in raising children is how to talk to their children., It may sound very simple but the behavior of parents with their children puts a lot on the mentality of the children., In such a situation, we tell you what kind of things you should do with children to build a better personality of children and what good things can also affect their personality.

Never do such things with children

Compliments all the time: Research has found that when you start saying things like ‘good boy’ or ‘very nice’ to children, then gradually they start working only to get your praise. But when you tell him that you did a good job with your team, then such things motivate him to do a good teamwork.

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Do not demoralize all the time: Such things give the message that how important it is to practice, but it has an effect on the child that the hard work he did was not enough. In such a situation, you should motivate him for hard work.

r u ok: If your child is upset about something or is crying in front of you, then saying ‘R you ok’ can make him even more upset. It would be better if you hug him and make him feel that you understand his situation. In such a situation, you can tell him that ‘I can understand how much you must have suffered’.

Quick things to do: Never tell children to hurry. Instead you can say let’s hurry. Doing this will make him feel that you are a team.

We cannot buy: Speaking like this can cause mental trauma for the child. Instead, if you tell him that we will deposit money for this, then this can be a way for him to do money management.

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Advice to be careful at all times: If you keep talking to your child again and again while walking on the road, then these things can distract him., If you are conscious or afraid you can go ahead and gently press or move them by hand,

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