‘Passengers please pay attention’, there is no machine, there is a human being, the face behind this restrained voice, Railways revealed the identity


Sarla Chowdhary started her job as an announcer in 1982.
Initially this recruitment was done only for 3 months.
After 2015, the announcement of railway started being done through computer.

New Delhi. ‘Please pay attention…’ This voice is an integral part of the Indian Railways. Whenever the thought of traveling by Indian Railways comes to our mind, first of all we remember the announcements happening at the station. These announcements are the identity of Indian Railways. By the way, now most of this work is done from computer only, but it was not like this till a few years ago. There is only one person behind this voice whose name is Sarla Chowdhary. The Ministry of Railways has given this information through a tweet. Also shared the picture of Sarla Chowdhary.

Sarla Chowdhary is the first woman announcer of Railways. His father was also a railway employee. Sarla tells that once her father said that the children of railway staff are being recruited in the Announcement Department for 3 months. Sarla Chowdhary also went for the voice test and got selected.

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Sarla told that on July 13, 1982, she started her job as an announcer. She says that in June 1991, a computer came to her station in which her voice was fed. Now the schedule of this announcement is also being done. According to Sarla, it used to happen many times that she used to listen to the announcement in her own voice while waiting for the train at the station.

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