Patna: 18-year-old students made device to prevent cancer, big companies lined up for license

Report: Satchidananda
Patna, There are 14 such districts of Bihar, where the amount of arsenic in water has been found to be very high. The increasing amount of arsenic in water gives rise to diseases like cancer. In the past, some such news has also come out from Maner in Patna. However, to make water arsenic free, Patna’s child scientist Arpit and his team have made a device that can separate arsenic from water. This device works on the basis of magnetic field.

Talking to News 18 Local, Arpit, who made this device, said that this device was trialled at many places and now it is going to be launched in the market soon. Its price will be around 5000 rupees.

this is how it works
Arpit told about this device that there are many devices to remove arsenic from water, but the device we have made removes arsenic by magnetic method. That’s why it is cheaper than the rest and also durable. When water collides with the magnet present in it, the arsenic present in the water repels and separates. They say that till date no device has been made for domestic use. You can install it in your home. Once applied there is no need to change for 10 years. It is used at three levels including corporation, panchayat and home. According to the present estimation, domestic use can be done at a cost of about Rs 5,000.

Companies liked this device
Successful trial of this device is going on in middle schools of Bhagalpur and Buxar. About 3 to 5 thousand children are taking advantage of this. By next month it can be available in the market for the general public. Let us tell you that many big companies have expressed their desire to take the license of this device from Arpit and his team and soon this process will be completed. Companies associated with BARC by taking license will make it more commercially useful. Kilkari’s child scientists Arpit Kumar, Abhijeet Kumar, Akshat and Shambhavi have played a major role in making this device.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 20, 2023, 11:29 IST

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