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Paush Month 2022: In the month of Paush, you get fame and fame by worshiping the Sun, know when it will start

Paush Month 2022: After the full moon of the month of Margashirsha i.e. after 8th December 2022, the tenth month of the Hindu calendar, Paush month will start. Paush month is considered very important in Hinduism. The Sun God is specially worshiped in this month. The month of Pausha is also known as Chhota Pitru Paksha, during this time the souls of the ancestors are blessed to perform pindadan, tarpan and shraadh rituals for the peace of their ancestors. Let’s know when the month of Paush will start, what is its importance

Paush Month 2022 Date

Paush month will start from 9 December 2022 and will run till 7 January 2023. After this the month of Magh will start. This month is dedicated to Surya, Sri Hari and ancestors.

This is how the name Paush came about

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According to astrology, the names of Indian months are based on constellations. The month in which the Moon is in a particular Nakshatra on the full moon of every month, that month is known by the name of that Nakshatra. On the full moon day of the month of Pausha, the moon is in Pushya Nakshatra, hence it was named Pausha.

Paush Month Significance

According to the scriptures, the sun should be worshiped in the month of Paush with the name of Bhag. Bhag is the form of Sun God. Winters are at its peak in this month. It is believed that the one who offers Arghya to the Sun every day in the month of Pausha gets the same brightness, strength, fame, fame and wealth as the Sun. Also, keeping a fast on every Sunday and offering jaggery of sesame, rice porridge to Suryanarayan, he provides energy and better health to the seeker.

Benefits of Surya Puja in the month of Paush (Paush Month Surya Puja benefit)

  • In the month of Paush itself, the sun rises from Makar Sankranti. When Sun travels from Capricorn to Gemini, this period is called Uttarayan.
  • Uttarayan month has been considered as the day of deities. Worshiping Sun God in this increases happiness, prosperity and good fortune. Get rid of diseases.
  • Donating warm clothes, wheat, jaggery, sesame, rice in this month destroys all the obstacles in life. It is said that the person who sacrifices his life when the sun is rising, gets salvation.

Importance of Shraddha for ancestors in the month of Pausha

The new moon and full moon dates of the month of Pausha have special significance. By performing Shraddha rituals of ancestors on this day, one gets freedom from Pitridosh and Kalsarp Dosh. According to the scriptures, the Sun enters Sagittarius in the month of Pausha and during this period there is a ban on auspicious work. This period is considered special for Pinddaan.

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