Penny stock gave shattering returns in 2 years, the person who invested 30 thousand has enough wealth to buy a car-bungalow


2 years back, those who invested money in this share have become famous.
This stock has given a return of 33625 percent to the investors in just 2 years.
In 2021, the price of this multibagger stock was 20 paise.

New Delhi. When in the stock market, which share will make someone rich and when someone will get hit hard, nothing can be said. There are some such stocks in the stock market, which have given such huge profits to the investors, listening to which you would feel that I wish this stock was also in our portfolio. The name of the share of Raj Rayon Industries is also included in the shares which give huge profits. 2 years ago, 5 shares of Raj Rayon Industries were coming for Re 1. But, now the price of this multibagger share has increased to Rs.67.45. In this way, 33625 percent return has been given to the investors in this stock in two years.

2 years back, those who invested money in this share have become famous. The investor who invested only Rs 30,000 in the money-making Raj Rayon two years ago, has also become a millionaire today. This multibagger stock has given a return of 3,891 per cent in the last one year. So far in the year 2023, this stock has given about 84 percent profit to the investors.

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16,862 percent jump in 5 years
The investors who invested money in Raj Rayon’s stock five years back are also making huge profits today. The multibagger penny stock has rallied 16,862 per cent during this period. Five years ago the share price was 40 paise. However, this share has fallen 15 percent in 1 month.

1 lakh became 33 crores in 2 years
An investor who had invested Rs 1 lakh in Raj Rayon shares two years ago and had maintained his investment, would have now invested Rs 33,725,000. 2 years ago, he got 5 lakh shares for Rs 1 lakh at 20 paise per share. Today the price of one share is Rs.67.45. Similarly, if an investor had invested Rs 30,000 in this stock two years ago, he has become a millionaire today. Today he is getting Rs 10,117,500 out of 30 thousand.

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