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People who have these things, are very lucky, make progress in life

Vidur Niti: The name of Mahatma Vidur is also taken among the great thinkers and scholars of India. Mahatma Vidur was a visionary and a great scholar. Many public welfare things have been told in his Vidur Niti. These ideas of his are as relevant today as they were in those times. Some such things have been told in the policy of Mahatma Vidur. Those who get it are very lucky.

This things Destiny ones Of hee would have Huh, Learn!

Funds, The importance of money is not hidden from anyone. Its importance has always been there. All the needs of man, small and big, cannot be fulfilled without money. Having money is very essential for a happy and stress free life. In such a situation, all the work of those who do not have money is interrupted. That’s why people who have money are called fortunate and fortunate.

Healthy Body, It is heard everywhere that health is wealth. That is, the person who has good health can earn good money by doing every work. He can get success in everything. According to Vidur Niti, no matter how much money you have, but if your health is not good then you cannot do any work even after wanting lakhs. Therefore, the person who has good health is very lucky.

Loyal Son, Mahatma Vidur ji says that if any child goes on the wrong path, it is considered to be the fault of the parents. On the other hand, when the child is worthy and learned, then only the parents get their happiness. According to Vidura Niti, the one whose child (son) is obedient is very fortunate.

Beautiful! And sweet to speak Wally wife, In Vidur Niti, a beautiful and sweet-spoken wife has been described as the third happiness. Whosoever’s wife is good-natured, beautiful and sweet-spoken, then her husband’s mind will not wander out.

Funds acquired to do Wally Knowledge of KnowledgeThe person who has the knowledge of earning money. That person is called lucky because he removes all the problems of money with this knowledge.

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