Pimples are coming out due to applying mask, then definitely do these 6 things, skin will remain problem free

How To Keep Mask Acne At Bay: Some are still wearing masks after Corona infection. Wearing masks, especially in hospitals and airports, has now become a trend in a way. Surgical gloves, head caps and masks have become a part of life to visit the affected places. But because of all this, they have to face many minor problems too, one of which is oily face and pimples, acne or rash etc. If you are also struggling with such a problem, then here we tell you what things you should keep in mind, then you can stay away from this problem.

1. Cleansing of the face is necessary
Whenever you wear a mask or remove it after returning home, pay special attention to cleaning your face. If your skin is oily or dry, then use face wash according to the skin type. After removing the mask, it is very important to clean the face properly. In fact, due to continuous humid in these places, skin pores get blocked and pimples or skin problems start.

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2. Avoid makeup
If you like to apply makeup, then stop applying makeup inside the mask. Actually makeup closes the pores of your skin due to which enough oxygen does not go inside the skin. This starts the problem.

3. Use a clean mask
If you are wearing the same mask everyday without washing it, it will not only spoil your health, problems will also appear on your skin. In this case, always use a clean, washed and fresh mask. If you sweat a lot, then carry two or three extra masks in your bag.

4. Use non-comedogenic products
When we apply double mask over it, it is common to get pimples due to dead skin and humid environment, so it is always advisable to use non-comedogenic products in summer season. Such a product does not clog the pores on the skin.

5. Give rest to the skin
If possible, take off your mask for 5 minutes every two to three hours and allow the skin to breathe. If possible, you can also wash your face with water in between.

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6. It is necessary to consume more water
If you keep drinking sufficient amount of water, then your skin will remain hydrated. This will avoid skin breakouts and you will be able to wear the mask for a long time. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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