Pitru Paksha 2022: Pitru Paksha Chaturthi Shradh tomorrow, know the method, rules and mantra of Panchbali Bhog

Pitra Paksha 2022 Panchabali Bhog: Shradh of Chaturthi Tithi in Pit Paksha will be done on Tuesday, 13 September 2022. Panchbali Bhog has special significance in Shradh Karma. Religious belief is that Shradh is not considered complete without Panchbali Bhog and the ancestors also remain dissatisfied and unsatisfied. At the same time, the ancestors get angry and return hungry. Let us know the correct method and rules of offering Panchbali Bhog in Shradh.

Pitru Paksha Chaturthi Tithi Shradh 2022

Pitru Paksha Chaturthi date starts – 13 September 2022, 10:37 am

Pitru Paksha Chaturthi date ends – 14 September 2022, 10:25 am

Panchbali Bhog Importance

Panchbali Bhog is offered for 16 days of Pitru Paksha, it is also called Pancha Gras. The souls of ancestors are satisfied with Panchbali Bhog. He blesses his descendants with happiness and prosperity. There is a law to feed five types of living beings through Panchbali Bhog, through which the ancestors take food.

Panchbali Bhog Recipe

Take out the food that is cooked on the day of Shraadh of ancestors in Pitru Paksha, eat five banana leaves or keep the food in a plate and divide it into 5 parts. While reciting different mantras of each creature, leave intact, in this way Panchbali Bhog is dedicated to the five living entities (cow, dog, crow, god and ant). It is considered best to do Shradh in the afternoon.

Who gives Panchbali Bhog

  • cow sacrifice – The first Gras (meal) of Panchbali Bhog is taken out for the cow, which is called Gau Bali. While taking out cow sacrifice, leave intact while reciting this mantra.

Mantra – Om Saurabheyah Sarvahitah, Pavitra: Punyarasayah. Idam Gobhya: Idam Na Mam.

  • Kukkur sacrifice – The second part of Panchbali Bhog is fed to the dog. According to the scriptures, the dog is considered a symbol of Yamraj.

Mantra – Om Dwau Swanau Shyamsabalou, Vaivasvatkulodbhavau.. Tabhyamannam pradasyam, syatametavahinkou idam svabhayam idman mam.

  • Kak sacrifice – In Panchbali, the third bhog is offered to Kak i.e. crow. Eating crow’s food is considered a symbol of happiness of ancestors.

Mantra – andravarunvayavya, yamya vai nairurtastatha.. Vaysa: Pratigrahanantu, Bhumau pindam mayojhatam. Idam Vaisebhya: Idam Na Mama.

  • God Bali – The fourth bhog is dedicated to the deities. Feed the food taken out for the deity to a girl or a cow.

Mantra – Om Devah Manushya: Pashavo Vayansi, Siddhaah Saykshoragadaityasangha. Idam Annam Devadibhyaah Idam Na Mam.

  • Pipilikadi sacrifice- The fifth bhog is offered to ants in Panchbali. These ants are a symbol of unity and complete devotion to work.

Mantra – Om Pipilika: Keetpatangakadyaah, Bubhukshita: Kamarnibandhabdhah. Tesham hi triptyathermidam mayannam, tebhyo vishrtam sukhino bhavantu. Idam Annam Pipilikadibhyah Idam Na Mama.

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