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Plan a tour of Jaisalmer instead of mountains in winter, you will be able to enjoy full


The diversity of Jaisalmer attracts a lot of foreign tourists.
Jaisalmer’s Desert Safari is one of the best adventurous spots in winter.

Jaisalmer Winter TourMost of the people plan to travel to the mountains as soon as the winter season comes. If you are bored of traveling to the mountains and want to explore a new adventure, then you can plan for Jaisalmer City of Rajasthan. There are many things to do and try something new in this city full of deserts and forts. Its beauty, art, heritage and desert safari also attract foreign tourists here every year. So let us know how you can make your winter vacation memorable and full of adventure by coming to Jaisalmer.

places to visit in jaisalmer

Camping in the desert After going about 40 kilometers from Jaisalmer, you can reach the desert, where the view is completely different in winter. Here you can enjoy all kinds of camping. There are many luxury camps in these and some medium range camps. You can book in advance for camping in moonlit nights.

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Jaisalmer Fort: It is also known as Golden Fort. You can also stay here for the night. For this you have to book in advance. This fort can be said to be a specimen of the royal architecture of Rajasthan, which is also a symbol of the royal history here.

Maharaja’s Palace If you reach here in December, then definitely go to see the Maharaja’s Palace. The grandeur of the architecture of this palace attracts tourists from all over the world. The view of Jaisalmer from the terrace here is really amazing.

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Jaisalmer Museum : The Jaisalmer Government Museum exhibits innumerable things that visitors from all over the world visit the site to see. Handicrafts, embroidered fabrics and more than 170 such items are displayed here, which reflect the history of the art here.

Desert Adventure: Located on the outskirts of the city, Khuri Dunes is one of the most adventurous places to visit in and around Jaisalmer after Sam Sand Dunes. Here you can also shop for handicrafts in the local markets and also take camel rides. Musical nights and campfires with calbelias are also held here throughout the night. The sunset of Khuri Tibba is worth watching. Apart from this, you can also enjoy bird watching, Desert National Park etc. in Gadisar Lake.

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