Planting these 4 plants near Tulsi is very inauspicious, never make a mistake otherwise it will be a disaster

Vastu tips: Tulsi worship is very important in Hinduism. According to mythological beliefs, the tradition of worshiping the Tulsi plant has been going on since ancient times. Mother Lakshmi resides in the Tulsi plant. Tulsi is worshiped by offering water daily in Hindu homes. You will find Tulsi plant planted in most of the houses in rural areas. Tulsi is worshiped with incense and lamps. Tulsi plant has special importance in Vastu Shastra also. According to mythological beliefs, many precautions should be taken while planting Tulsi plants. It is a belief that some plants should not be planted near Tulsi plants. Come Bhopal resident astrologer Vinod Soni Poddar Let us know which are the plants which should not be planted near Tulsi.

1. Thorny Plants: Thorny plants should never be planted near the Tulsi plant. Planting thorny plants like cactus near Tulsi is considered inauspicious. This also affects the growth of Tulsi. That’s why don’t plant thorny plants near Tulsi even by mistake.

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2. Thick stemmed plants: No thick stem or shady plant should ever be planted near the Tulsi plant. This stops the growth of Tulsi. Tulsi is not able to grow properly due to the planting of shady trees. That’s why never plant plants with thick stems near the Tulsi plant.

3. Rose Plant: Planting a rose plant near Tulsi is considered very inauspicious. Never forget to plant rose plant near Tulsi plant. Doing this brings negativity in the house.

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4. Shami tree: Shami tree should not be planted near Tulsi plant. According to mythological beliefs, Shami plant should be planted at least 4-5 feet away from the Tulsi plant. That’s why never plant it near Tulsi plant.

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