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Planting Tulsi plant at home often dries up, so take care in this way

Watering tulsi plant: Tulsi plant is found in almost all the houses. Especially in Hindu homes, Tulsi plant is definitely planted. However, in the last few years, basil plants have started appearing less in homes. But now once again people are becoming aware about Tulsi. Especially after the epidemic period of 2 years passed, people understood more about the importance of Tulsi. And people once again started giving place to Tulsi in homes. Understanding the religious importance of Tulsi, how much Tulsi is being planted in the house is a different matter, but how Tulsi strengthens immunity, in which way it improves health, people are showing great interest after knowing it. In planting basil. But some problems come, like the plant dries up again and again, the plant does not grow, what is the solution of such problems and why it happens.

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Tulsi plant dries up because of this
The reason for this is not getting water on time, or getting more water. In the earlier days, when Tulsi used to have more mythological importance, people used to offer water. And used to mix water to Tulsi in an average quantity.

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Tulsi needs to be watered
Tulsi requires different water according to each season. Like it will probably never be needed in the rain, or once a month check if the soil is not drying up, the leaves are not drying up, that’s all. In the winter season, Tulsi needs water once in four-five days. In this also it is not necessary that water is required every time at an interval of four-five days, but by paying attention to how long the soil is wet and when it is drying. Water the basil on its basis.
Special care should be taken of Tulsi in the month of summer. Water should be given to Tulsi regularly. Keep an eye on when the soil is dry or when the leaves are drying up. Keep in mind that, in case of excessive watering, basil can dry out from the root.
Overall, there is no regular rule of watering Tulsi. Keep an eye on it continuously and keep watering it accordingly. And Tulsi will keep your health better.

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