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PNB launches special FD scheme, will get interest rate up to 7.85%


Bank Punjab National Bank has introduced a special FD scheme for a period of 600 days.
Under this, senior citizens will get interest up to 7.55% and super senior citizens up to 7.85%.
Under normal FD, PNB gives interest ranging from 3.50 percent to 7.50 percent.

New Delhi. Public sector bank Punjab National Bank (PNB) has launched a special FD scheme for a period of 600 days. This scheme is valid on FDs with an amount of up to Rs 2 crore. Under this, interest rates of up to 7.85 percent are being offered to senior citizens and super senior citizens.

Giving information about this, Atul Kumar Goel, MD & CEO, Punjab National Bank said, “Our aim is to offer best in class offers to our customers. With such high FD rates, the bank is giving a good option to the customers. So that customers can earn the most on their savings.

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This is PNB’s special FD scheme
Under the special FD scheme of PNB, special rates of interest are being offered on FDs up to Rs 2 crore for people aged 60 years and above (Senior Citizens) and people aged 80 years and above (Super Senior Citizens) Is. This plan with FD of 600 days comes with both callable and non-callable options. Existing customers of the bank can avail this scheme through PNB ONE App and internet banking.

So much interest will be received under the scheme
The special FD rates of PNB have been implemented from October 11. Under this scheme, PNB is offering 7.50 percent interest to senior citizens and 7.80 percent to super senior citizens in the callable option. In the non-callable option, the general public will get interest at the rate of 7.05 percent. On the other hand, senior citizens will get 7.55 percent and super senior citizens will get 7.85 percent interest. The highest interest is getting on special FDs at the rate of 7.85 percent.

This is the interest rates of normal FD
PNB offers FD plans with tenures ranging from 7 days to 10 years. Under this, interest from 3.50 percent to 7.50 percent is given. The interest rates on FDs are different for general citizens, senior citizens and super senior citizens.

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