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Poems of R Chetankranti: ‘Servants’ and ‘We Were Not Revolutionaries’

R Chetankranti Poem: Welcome to this special podcast of News18 Hindi. Accept the salutation of Pooja Prasad. Friends, today we will meet some poems of R Chetankranti. While passing through his poems, there are some things that unintentionally reminds him of Dhumil. However, when R Chetankranti would have been 7 years old, Dhumil had left all of us. The year of birth of R Chetankranti is 1968, while Sudama Pandey Dhumil’s life began in 1936 and died in 1975. Dhumil has a long poem ‘Mochiram’. Which starts like this…

Rabia al-Basr: Some of the writings of the Sufi saint ‘Listen, you write and give it’

Rampi’s raised eyes made me
grope for a moment
and then
in a hushed voice
He laughed and said-
To tell the truth Babuji – in my eyes
no one is small
no one is bigger
Every person is equal to a pair of shoes to me
who is in front of me
stands for repair

So the vision of seeing man in Dhumil’s poems is accessible to us. The same unique vision is also found in the poems of R. Chetankranti. Dhumil’s poems were often long, R Chetankranti’s poems were also usually long. Servant is a poem by R Chetan. While passing through this poem, a trembling is created in the body. The difference between man and man that arises from his status, the sharp divide between classes that he creates, the rot that pervades the society – all these traits are put in a very flat but precise tone by the revolution. Listen to R Chetan’s poem – Servant

jokes of the wise
Entrepreneur’s Machine
ladder of ambition
devotee of god
tribal of public places
– is it a clerk or an accountant or a proofreader
or a machine man or a private secretary to the owner
What is the difference with the post and what is the difference with the name
In the morning when the face is painted with the same color
they go out on the streets of the city
And while descending the stairs of the office in the evening
when they are given their faces back
They are the same… (full poem in podcast)​

The story ‘Chameleon’ by Russian storyteller Anton Chekhov

Sudama Pandey Dhumil was born in Khevli in Varanasi district of UP. R Chetankranti is also originally from UP. R Chetankranti was born in Umri Kalan village of Saharanpur district. His first collection of poems ‘Shoknach’ came to the public in 2004. In later days, he was also awarded the Bharat Bhushan Agarwal Memorial Award, Bhopal’s ‘Spandan Award’ and the annual awards of ‘Rajasthan Patrika’ and ‘Amar Ujala’. It is true that receiving awards cannot be the only measure of a poet’s height. R Chetankranti’s poems are speaking poems – this can be known only by reading them. In his poems, R Chetankranti exposes the layers of society, the depth in which he captures the duality of the mind is amazing. When poetry erupts from the self-acceptance of this duality, they sometimes become ‘girls of Seelampur’ and sometimes ‘we were not revolutionaries’. This poem, emanating from the difference between being revolutionary and being unstable, gives a wide scope of thinking, so let’s listen to R Chetankranti’s poem ‘We were not revolutionaries’.

we were not revolutionaries
we were just shaky
and many times in this instability
on some delicate occasions
who could take us anywhere
used to be chaotic
people who kept reading books about the revolution
considered us revolutionaries
While we were not revolutionaries
We were just shaky… (in full poetry podcast)

In today’s podcast, we want your permission to leave with this poem by R Chetankranti, who gives voice to Aam Aadmi’s Tees. In the next podcast, there will be a meeting with a new creator, till then, give Pooja a farewell. Hello



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