Prayagraj: Amazing Biryani is available in Eat on Biryani, every day 5000 people eat it with great fervor

Prayagraj. Although there are many places for non-veg lovers in Prayagraj city of Uttar Pradesh. But, there is no break in the taste of ‘Eat on Biryani’ located at Myohal Crossroads. With its quality and purity, it has made its place in the hearts of people. It can be said that like Idreesh’s Biryani is famous in Lucknow, similarly Eat On’s Biryani is popular in Prayagraj. Every day from 11 in the morning, there is a crowd of taste lovers here, and this caravan continues till 10 in the night. About four to five thousand customers taste their favorite Biryani in a day.

Mohammad Nafees, the owner of Eat On Biryani, told News18 Local that our products are not only across the city, but people from many districts and many states call and order them. Once the one who has tasted our Biryani, he will surely come again to eat it. The reason for this is that we use spices properly. We have customers of all categories. Purity and quality are our first priority. Whatever we can eat, our family can eat, we feed our customers the same thing.

Mohammad Nafees has gone through a tough struggle

Mohammad Nafees told that he had to face a lot of struggles in starting the Eat On Biryani Shop. About ten years ago, my wife and I started work in a small shop. Wife used to cook Biryani from home and I used to put plates and serve people. Slowly people started liking the taste of home made biryani. Today four to five thousand satisfied customers relish the taste of Biryani at our shop.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 31, 2023, 21:52 IST

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