Prime Minister Modi will flag off the new Vande Bharat! Tea gardens will be seen in a comfortable journey, new train will run between these cities


New Vande Bharat will run between Guwahati to Jalpaiguri.
This will be the 11th Vande Bharat pair of the country.
It will be run at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

New Delhi. North-East India is going to get the first Vande Bharat Express soon. It is possible that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will flag off the country’s first semi-high speed train on 14 April. This train will run from Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) to Guwahati (Assam). Currently Vande Bharat operates between Jalapaiguri and Howrah. Vande Bharat will be run at a speed of 110 km per hour on this route. According to the capacity of the tracks, Vande Bharat cannot be run there at a higher speed. However, Vande Bharat has been taken up to 180 km per hour during the trial.

Its operation speed is 160 kilometers per hour. However, mostly it is run at a speed of 130 kmph. Behind this is also the capacity of the tracks. Tracks in India are not designed in such a way that they can handle more than this speed. Vande Bharat’s maximum operational speed on many routes is only 110 kilometers per hour.

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PM Modi will be in Assam
In fact, on April 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Assam to attend a program. Bihu dance is to be performed on a very large scale in Guwahati, in which around 11,000 dancers will perform together. This will be a Guinness World Record. According to officials, on this tour, PM Modi will flag off the new Vande Bharat. Chief Mechanical Engineer of North Frontier Railway, Jyotindra Digi has instructed the employees to make preparations for the smooth operation of the train.

How many Vande Bharat trains are operating
Vande Bharat train is operating on 10 routes in the country. Out of this, 4 pairs of Vande Bharat are with Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the only state which has Vande Bharat to start and end the journey within the state. Apart from this, Vande Bharat is also operated between Delhi-Varanasi, Delhi-Katra, Chennai-Mysore and Secunderabad-Vishakhapatnam. The first Vande Bharat was run between Delhi and Varanasi in 2019. Now Indian Railways is planning to run Vande Bharat with sleeper coaches.

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