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Protect baby’s skin from chemicals, make moisturizer at home with these 4 ways


The skin of some children is more dry in summer as well as in cold.
It is very important to take special care of the skin of children whether it is hot or cold.

Parents are always ready to put extra effort to take care of a small child. They also constantly try to save the child from the chemical and pollution-filled environment. In the midst of all this, if we talk about baby products, then it is their compulsion to take things like moisturizers to creams for the baby from the market, because most people do not know the safe way to make it at home.

The skin of some children is more dry in summer as well as in cold, due to which they need to apply moisturizer in this season as well. If you are also one of those parents who want to use the least amount of chemicals on their child’s skin, then we tell you how to make moisturizer at home in a very easy way. According to a news published in OnlyMyHealth, know some very easy ways to make moisturizer at home. This will not only keep your child away from chemicals, but you will also be rest assured.

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4 Ways to Make a Moisturizer
Almond Oil Moisturizer
Almond oil – 2 tsp
Petroleum jelly – 4 tsp
Glycerin – 10 tsp
Corn starch – 1 tbsp

Mix almond oil in a teaspoon of water and heat it.
Put a mixture of water and oil in a bowl and add corn flour to it.
Mix these two well and add glycerin to it.
When the mixture cools down, fill it in a container.
Keep the almond oil moisturizer in a cool place and use it as needed.

How to make instant body moisturizer
Aloe Vera Gel – 1 cup
Olive oil – 5 tsp
Lemon juice – 3 tsp
Tea tree oil – 3 tsp

Mix all the above mentioned things together.
Fill it in a box and store it in the fridge.
Keep using it as per the need.

Make moisturizer with milk
All you need is milk and salt for this.
Take milk and salt in the ratio of 5:1.
Put the milk on the gas to boil
Add salt to it and boil till the milk reduces to half.
When the milk is reduced to half, turn off the gas and leave it to cool.
Fill this mixture in a box and use it instead of baby oil.
By not making too much at once, you can make it in a gap of few days.

Make a moisturizer with rose water
It is best for baby’s skin in summer season.
To make it, take rose water and glycerin in the ratio of 2:1.
Mix these two and keep them in a box. You can also keep it in the fridge.
Apart from moisturizer, it can also be applied on diaper rashes.

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