Railway Knowledge: What is the meaning of C/F and W/L? 100 out of 100 passengers are unaware about this


It is only from these signs that it is known where the speed of the train has to be reduced or increased.
The loco pilot also gets to know from these boards where to blow the horn.
They have an important role in preventing rail accidents and smooth running of trains.

New Delhi. While traveling in the train, your eyes must have also been necessary on many boards placed on the side of the railway track. Some words are written in Hindi and English on these boards of yellow colour, some symbols are made on them. You will be surprised to know that with the help of these signals placed on the side of the track, the loco pilot runs the train. When to slow down the speed of the train, when to increase the speed and where to blow the horn, etc. things are known to the loco pilot only by these signals. W/L, C/Fa, T/P or T/G written track side boards also play an important role in preventing rail accidents.

One board that we see a lot is a board with W/L or C/FA written on it. These letters are written in black on a yellow board. W/L is written on a square board. This is a very important message. W/L is actually short for Whistle/level crossing. This signal tells the driver that there is a gate ahead, honk the horn. C/Fa is also the Hindi translation of this. It means whistle/gate ahead. By giving the horn of the vehicle before the gate, the people crossing the railway line become alert and move away from the tracks.

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What is the meaning of T/P and T/G
At which place the loco pilot has to slow down the train and where to run at full speed, he also gets to know from the signals on the side of the track. T/P and T/G are speed indicators. T/P is for passenger trains and T/G is for goods trains. It is written on a yellow round board. In many places T/PG, T/P24 or T/L will also be seen written. This is also a short form. In this T means that the termination and further letters are the type of trains.

For example, P means passenger train, G means goods train (goods train), PG means both passenger and goods train, P24 means long passenger train with 24 coaches and L means local train. This mark indicates that now the speed restriction has been removed and the loco pilot can run the train with the sanctioned full speed of the train.

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