Railway Knowledge: Why are sharp stones only at small stations, where do they disappear from big stations, the reason is very interesting


Putting sharp stones will cause problems in cleaning.
Instead of this, after casting concrete, they lay tracks on top of it.
There is no need to clean the tracks much at small stations.

New Delhi. You must have seen sharp stones on the tracks while traveling in the train. These are called ballasts. These stones are there all along the way. You will get to see these stones even at small stations. But, you do not get to see these stones at other big stations like Delhi-Mumbai. Do you know why this happens? If not, then we tell. The reason behind doing this is very funny. Before that we know the work of these stones.

Tracks mainly rest on 2 things. One ballast and the other sleeper. Sleepers were earlier made of wood, but now they are being made of cement for a long time. The pillar-like structures that are laid just below the track are called sleepers. Ballast is inserted below these sleepers and between 2 sleepers. These ballasts are used to prevent the ground from sliding under the track during rains or with the passage of time. Ballasts keep the soil firm. Not only this, they also absorb the vibrations generated due to the running of the train. Apart from this, they do not allow weeds to grow on the track. Overall, they work to save the train from any major accident.

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Why not at bigger stations?
You will get to see these stones at small stations but they are not visible at big stations. Why does this happen. The reason for this is cleanliness. The coaches of the trains were earlier made at the ICF (Integral Coach Factory) and the coaches have open discharge toilets. Means the excreta and urine of the passenger used to fall directly on the track. Even now many trains have these toilets. Now the train stops for a long time at big stations. In such a situation, many people sitting in the train will go to the toilet. Due to this, all the dirt will fall directly on the tracks. Now if they are sharp stones then it will be very difficult to clean them later. That’s why tracks are made on concrete castings at big stations. Due to this, the tracks are also safe and it is also easy to clean the tracks by hitting them with water from big pipes.

Why at smaller stations?
Trains do not stop for a long time at small stations. That’s why there is less possibility of getting so much dirt there. Passengers also avoid going to toilet at those stations where the stoppage is for a short time. That’s why the railway allows only the ballast to be installed at small stations. Another reason is that ballasted tracks require more maintenance. If there is continuous maintenance of tracks at big stations, then there will be a problem in moving trains there.

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