Railways need this technology to prevent accidents


The reason for the horrific train accident in Odisha has been attributed to the change in electronic interlocking.
In many countries of the world, technology is used to prevent train derailment.
Indian Railways needs to make its communication system even more modern.

New Delhi. In the horrific train accident in Odisha, 288 people lost their lives and about 900 people were injured. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has attributed the accident to the change in electronic interlocking. After this accident, many questions are being raised on the security system of Indian Railways. In such a situation, the measures to prevent such accidents are also being discussed. It is being said that if India had advanced signaling system and security system like developed countries, then this horrific accident could have been avoided.

Let us tell you that in many countries of the world, different types of technology are used to prevent the train from derailing. Here we are telling you about the technology used in preventing rail accidents in countries like Japan, Germany, America, United Kingdom, South Korea and China.

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collision avoidance technology
Railways in developed countries use technology that provides real-time alerts to train operators. This helps them to take immediate action in case of any obstruction or obstruction on the track ahead. At the same time, regular checking of the railway track is also necessary to prevent accidents. This helps the Railways to identify potential threats. In many countries, tracks are inspected with the help of automatic track inspection technology.

Positive Train Control (PTC) System
In many western countries, trains are fitted with advanced signaling systems like Positive Train Control (PTC). If Indian Railways also implements such advanced signaling system in our country, then this technology can apply automatic brakes to prevent possible collision of trains. Every day lakhs of people travel in Indian Railways. Its network comes at number four in the world. In such a situation, considering the safety of the people traveling in the railway, it is very important to modernize it with the help of new technology.

wireless data network
European country Germany is known for its good safety standards and latest technology for railways. Special attention is also paid to the training of railway employees here and regular safety audits are conducted. Similarly, Japan is also known for its modern and secure system of railways. Please tell that Indian Railways needs to make its communication system even more modern. This requires facilities such as the European Train Control System (ETCS), including wireless data networks and real-time reporting tools.

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