Ramadan 2023: Ramadan special Lachha being prepared in Dhanbad, artisans from Bihar-Bengal

Report – Mohd. Ikram

Dhanbad, The holy month of Ramadan has started. Due to which the work of making Vermicelli Lachha is going on fast in the market. Lachha is being prepared on a large scale in Abdul’s hotel located at Kulhi, below Sindri. Along with selling stalls here, it is also being supplied outside Dhanbad.

Shopkeeper Abul told that it has been named Shahi Lachha. 10-12 artisans have been called from Nawada in Bihar. In this hotel, the artisans are engaged day and night in preparing many varieties of Sevai Lachha.

Delicious vermicelli is being manufactured here on a large scale. Colorful vermicelli attracts people. The taste of sweet vermicelli on Eid is different. He told that Lachha is being sold at the rate of Rs 200 per kg.

here is the recipe

Artisan Yunus Ansari told that royal lachha is being prepared daily from about 2 quintals of flour. In preparing it, flour is first kneaded with water. After which prepare dough. Ghee is applied so that the dough does not stick to each other. Then it is sieved in oil in the form of Lachha. About 4 tins of oil is consumed in preparing 2 quintal flour dough. Then it is colored by applying ghee to it. 50 kg ghee is consumed daily.

Artisan Younis Ansari told that he works in making sweets in Hooghly district of West Bengal. They reach Jharkhand 10 days before Ramjam and remain engaged in this work for the whole Ramjam. They go home 2-3 days before Eid. After celebrating the festival, they return to Kolkata for work.

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