Ramadan Food Drink: Eat these things in Sehri and Iftar, you will not feel thirsty and gas will be formed

Report: Lalitesh Kushwaha

Bharatpur. The month of Ramadan has started. During this, the fasting people have to take care of the important things. So that there is no adverse effect on their health. The fasting people fast for the whole day without drinking water. According to the weather, if the fasting person takes care of some things, then he can avoid problems like dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea and stroke.

RBM Hospital PMO Dr. Jigyasa Sahni told that Roza is opened in the evening with Iftar. Nothing is eaten or drunk throughout the day. Not drinking water for a long time can mostly cause dehydration, dizziness, gas, vomiting. In such a situation, such things should be consumed in the food served at the time of Iftar, which can be easily digested and the required amount of water remains in the body throughout the day.

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Dehydration can happen due to excessive heat and not drinking water throughout the day. In such a situation, whenever you eat or drink something, then definitely eat such things so that the body can get sufficient amount of water.

Keep these things in mind while fasting…

, Always eat less fried things in Sehri or Iftar because eating such things increases the chances of feeling thirsty.
, Take more things with protein and fiber in Sehri. You can eat multigrain roti, fruits with peels, eggs, paneer, chicken etc. By the way, the problem of gas is more due to being empty stomach for many hours, so vegetarian food should be used more.
, Fiber-rich food prevents thirst and keeps the stomach full for a long time. That’s why more and more green leafy vegetables and salads should be consumed. In which cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, orange, grapes can be eaten. The amount of water and fiber in these fruits is high.
, Avoid taking things with caffeine during Sehri. Tea or coffee absorbs water from the body and this can cause frequent thirst. Instead of tea-coffee, you can consume more lemon water and juice.
, Start Iftar with very light things like dates, shikanji or soup. Don’t take too much oil immediately because it can cause acidity, vomiting or stomach pain.
, Take care in the sun- If not necessary, do not go out between 10 am to 5 pm. Keep the body covered while going out in the sunlight.
, Sleep is important- Sleep is very important during fasting, so get enough sleep. If sleep is not complete in the morning due to Sehri, then definitely take rest during the day.
, Do not leave exercise- do exercise daily. Some people stop walking or exercising while fasting or fasting. But during this 15-20 minutes of exercise does not cause tension.

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