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Ravivar Puja: Chant these 5 mantras of Sun God in Sunday Puja, every wish will be fulfilled

Ravivar Surya Dev Puja Mantra: In Hinduism, Sunday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Sun. A person who worships Lord Sun on this day gets fame, fame, courage and a healthy life. Along with religious importance, Sun God has great importance in astrology as well. Because in astrology, Sun is called the king of all planets. On the other hand, in Hinduism, Surya Dev is considered one of the Panchadevs. There is life on earth only because of the light of the sun. That’s why worshiping them gives spiritual benefits and the person gets respect in the society.

By the way, regular worship should be done by offering Arghya to the Sun God. But worshiping Lord Surya on Sunday gives his special blessings. On Sunday, Sun God should be offered Arghya with water mixed with flowers, Akshat, water, sugar candy and vermilion in a copper vessel. Along with this, you must also chant the mantras of the Sun God. It is fruitful and beneficial. Know about the powerful 5 mantras of Sun God.

Simple and Powerful 5 Mantras of Sun God

Om Hran Mitraya Namah,

Chant this mantra while offering water to Sun God for a healthy life. This increases the ability to work and success is achieved.

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Om am Surya Namah,

Chant this mantra at least 108 times on Sunday. This gives mental peace and increases intelligence.

Om Hran Hiranyagarbhaya Namah

Students preparing for reading and writing or any exam must chant this mantra. This develops the physical, intellectual and mental powers of the students.

Om Hri: Pushane Namah,
By chanting this powerful mantra of Sun God, a person gets inclined towards religious works. Along with this, self-confidence and patience also increase.

Om Savitre Namah

Chanting this mantra is beneficial for getting special blessings of Sun God and for increasing respect in the society.

follow these rules

According to Hindu scriptures, while chanting the mantras of Sun God on Sunday, keep in mind that the mantras should be chanted correctly. Also, it is auspicious to wear pink or saffron colored clothes in worship on this day. Meat, alcohol and salt should be consumed on Sunday. To strengthen the position of the planet Sun in the horoscope, donate red flowers, clothes, jaggery, copper items and wheat etc. to the poor or needy on Sunday.

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