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Read in Bhojpuri – Aayi Jaanal Jau is the time of planet transit in November

One Surya Maharaj will be in the sign of Scorpio on 16th November. Then there would have been the mobilization of Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. Later, the planet Sun is also being covered in Scorpio. The effect of Dhukla of the Sun was discussed later, so that there would be no confusion. If the planets (Mercury + Venus) remain in some particular house in the horoscope, then the Laxminarayan Yoga of Ekra is called. Everyone knew that Mercury is the planet of wisdom and wisdom. One Venus is a planet with beauty and enjoyment. There are many auspicious yogas in the astrology of Ekra. E-Yog becomes very strong in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra. Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant did not get a lot of good yoga for the sake of the native. If E-Yoga is formed in the fifth and ninth house of the horoscope, then the person becomes known as a very learned and respected person. Lucky said. Even if the yoga of the birth chart, when the transiting yoga is done, then you will see the auspicious effect. The old rules of astrology say that due to the sight of Mars, the native of Scorpio ascendant / zodiac got sudden benefits. One Taurus ascendant / zodiac sign can increase the good fortune of the person. John students preparing for the competition, Oh Logan’s ego got a new vision. People of Scorpio zodiac could get good news, people with jobs could get new opportunities for the sake of their jobs. Who could meet a new person, there would be some benefit through the medium of Jekra. There is also the possibility of getting money.

Now let’s go ahead. It is being discussed earlier that on November 16, the Sun King should transit in Scorpio. After all, on November 24, Jupiter will be in Pisces zodiac sign. Acre effect angel on the people of each zodiac sign. For the sake of the people of Aries, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, economic growth, success in career and money can be gained. Many good things could happen in the life of Libra sign people. Mind was fine Happiness and prosperity increased, bed happiness was found. One Cancer Ascendant / Zodiac sign will get the results of work in the job location / office. Ego Baat Auri- The transit of Mercury is beneficial for the sake of the native of Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Especially the people of Aquarius. Mercury is the lord of the fifth and eighth house in the horoscope of the Aquarius native. Eija The eighth house is said to be in bad shape, but the people of Aquarius will be benefited. There was an experience of happiness and peace. For the sake of one Scorpio Ascendant, Mars sixth and Mercury eighth house lord Holan. Otherwise, Mercury becomes the lord of the eleventh house as well. It became such an auspicious yoga. In Sagittarius ascendant, Mercury becomes the lord of the seventh and tenth house. In such a situation, good progress can be made in the career of Sagittarius native.

The natives of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer ascendant could benefit from the path of Jupiter/Guru. Especially some people with Cancer could suddenly shine in the luck of Logan. First of all, let us tell you that due to the compatibility of the Sun planet, the Cancer ascendant can increase the chances of people’s benefits. Some people with Gemini ascendant may get promotion even if there is an increase in salary. Now that the fear of economic slowdown would have been expressed, why did I get promotion and salary increment? The government, when a lot of companies were retrenchment in Corona, the salary was reduced, but some companies are now increasing the salary of their employees every year. Even if there is less salary increase, then there will be an increase in salary. Ahi se eh, the old people of the world are said to be strange. A very good yoga was also formed for the people of Taurus ascendant / zodiac sign. Especially Jupiter in Jekra Kundli is a good fence in the house. The business class was able to buy property/land. People with jobs could get a better chance for the sake of it. When you are sitting around waiting for a change of place, your wish will be fulfilled.

Now let’s talk about Ego Totka. What sins remained troubling in the minds of many people. Oker ego remedy tell baa. E-measures are coming from the Shruti tradition till today. If Kehu’s secret sins come to him and keep hurting his mind, then the remedy is that he should confess himself in front of a cow at a secluded place. Say that, O mother, we have become a big sin. We have sinned (somewhere from the cow mother in the open of my sin), forgive us. In future, we should not do e-crime. Jauna chhan raura pray for your forgiveness of sins, after okra it came that raura got down from Kapar for a long time. Old people tell you the remedy. If you are having trouble, you could see the solution. The way to get rid of the nagging wounds of the mind throughout life is a pleasant one.

(Vinay Bihari Singh is a freelance journalist, views written in the article are his personal.)

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