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Red meat can increase the problem in arthritis, keep distance from these 8 food items


Red meat should not be consumed in arthritis.
Inflammation can increase by eating sour things.
Do not consume too much salt in arthritis.

In Arthritis Avoid These Food Items – Arthritis is a joint problem in which inflammation, Problems like pain and difficulty in walking have to be faced. Osteoarthritis is a common problem that increases with age. Osteoarthritis can affect up to 40 percent of men and 47 percent of women. Diet plays an important role in triggering arthritis. A proper healthy diet helps in reducing its symptoms, while there are some food items that can also cause joint pain and swelling. Arthritis patients should remove such food items from the diet. Let us know about these food items which should not be included in the diet.

according to the healthline Arthritis patients should reduce the intake of sugar. Stay away from ice cream, chocolate, candy and sweets if you have arthritis. Apart from this, soda or diet drinks can also increase the risk of arthritis.

processed and red meat
Excessive consumption of processed and red meat can increase swelling and pain in the joints. Consumption of plant-based food can be beneficial in arthritis.

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gluten food
Gluten foods such as wheat, jowar, coarse grains and flour can increase inflammation in arthritis. Although the consumption of gluten cannot be completely stopped, but its quantity can definitely be reduced.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause inflammation in joints and muscles, so arthritis patients should stop consuming alcohol immediately.

Vegetable oil
High omega-6 and low omega-3 fats should not be consumed if there is a problem of arthritis. This promotes inflammation in the muscles.

high sodium
Excess intake of sodium ie salt can be harmful for the body. Its excessive consumption can cause problems of high BP, diabetes and arthritis. It can also cause swelling in the joints.

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fatty food
Excess amount of oil in food can increase joint pain. Consuming more fatty things can lead to accumulation of fat in the body which can lead to obesity. Excess body weight can increase arthritis.

citrus food
Consuming citrus food ie sour things can promote pain and swelling in the joints. Arthritis patients should avoid the consumption of lemon, orange, curd and buttermilk.
Arthritis is a common problem but it can be prevented from growing by making changes in small things. Consult a doctor before consuming and quitting anything.

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