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Relief to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, Ban removed from 5 medicines of Divya Pharmacy, Licensing Authority accepted its mistake


Divya Pharmacy manufactures Patanjali products of Baba Ramdev.
The Licensing Authority said – there was a mistake in the haste to issue the order.
Ban lifted from Beegprit, Madhugrit, Thyrogrit, Lipidom tablet and Igrit gold tablet.

New Delhi. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s company has got a big relief. The Uttarakhand Ayurveda and Unani Licensing Authority on Sunday lifted the ban on five products of Divya Pharmacy. GCN Jangpangi, drug controller of the state health authority, said the previous order dated November 9 had a mistake and was issued in haste. Amending the earlier order, the Authority has now allowed Divya Pharmacy to continue manufacturing these medicines.

Divya Pharmacy manufactures Patanjali products of Baba Ramdev. On November 11, state Ayurveda authorities directed Baba Ramdev’s firm to stop production of five drugs used to cure diabetes, blood pressure, goiter, glaucoma and high cholesterol.

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Hasty mistake in issuing orders
State health authority’s drug controller GCN Jangpangi said, “We should have given the company time to clarify its stand before issuing the order.” Ramdev’s close aide Acharya Balkrishna has expressed his gratitude to the state government for rectifying this mistake.

There was a ban on the manufacture of these medicines.
In an earlier order, the authorities had banned BPgrit, Madhugrit, Thyrogrit, Lipidom Tablets and Igrit Gold Tablets used for blood pressure, diabetes, goiter, glaucoma and high cholesterol.

However, the notice states that the company can start manufacturing these products only after the authority approves their revised formulation sheet. Actually, this action of ban was done after a complaint filed by KV Babu, a doctor from Kerala, in which he accused Divya Pharmacy of violating the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act and the Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

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