Right-left eyes are fluttering, this is not a sign of good or bad… diseases can happen

Eye Treatment: You must have often heard that when a person’s right eye starts blinking, then any person present around will start saying, something good is going to happen today. Twitching of the left eye is considered as an inauspicious sign. In the case of women, the condition of the eyes is reversed. For example, the left eye is considered auspicious for women and the right eye is considered inauspicious. However, the normal eye stops blinking within a short time. But sometimes such a situation arises that an hour has passed, a whole day has passed and many more days have passed. The eye does not stop blinking. There is a need to be alert in such times. This is not a good or bad sign. There is an indication of eye disease. 

Eyes twitch in these diseases also

Eyelid myokemia: This disease causes anxiety. Fatigue of the eyes, consumption of drugs, excessive intake of caffeine, lack of sleep can be due to factors like. In this, the eyes keep blinking for a few hours or days. Later it gets cured on its own. 

Benign essential blepharospasm: It is considered a serious eye disease. In this, the muscles of the eyes shrink. The eyes keep blinking in this. Pain is felt when the eyes blink. Sometimes it becomes difficult even to open the eyes. Along with the eyes, the muscles of the eyebrows also start twitching. Vision becomes blurred in this. Swelling starts on the eyes. Women suffer more from this. 

Hemifacial spasm: Half of the face including the eye shrinks. Due to this, the face, cheeks,  mouth and eyes start fluttering. This is usually due to irritation and compression of the facial nerves. It also affects the brain and nervous system.

That’s why eyes twitch

Experts say that when anxiety is high, the body releases such hormones. Due to which the eyes start blinking. Muscles react when there is no proper rest, this also causes twitching of the eyes. Even if you are watching computer or TV more, there is pressure on the eyes and it becomes a problem. Even if there is alcohol, caffeine or any intoxicant, it causes eye twitching. This problem can also arise if the body does not get nutrients. The problem of blinking can be seen even if there is dryness of the eyes.

What to do to avoid the problem

Usually the blinking of the eyes occurs after some time. It gets fixed. But there are times that it bothers. For this it is necessary to give rest to the eyes. Take food rich in nutrients. Do yoga to get rid of stress, keep yourself relaxed. Sleep well, reduce caffeine intake, can use eye drops on doctor’s advice. This will keep moisture in the eyes. If the problem is more then see the doctor immediately

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News confirms them does not do. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert. 

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