Ring the bell and drive away the evil of Rahu-Ketu, know the way to cure these malefic planets

Rahu Ketu: When it comes to the planets that give the most inauspicious results in astrology, the number of Rahu-Ketu comes first. When it is inauspicious, it troubles the person for many years. It is said about him that if he is in a bad or inauspicious state in the horoscope, then the person remains troubled for 42 years. His struggles do not subside. That’s why the peace of these planets becomes very important.

Rahu and Ketu have been described as snakes in astrological texts. The way a snake gets hold of its prey, in the same way these two planets also get hold of a person, if the remedy is not taken on time, it gives serious consequences. In the scriptures, Rahu has been described as the head of a snake and Ketu as its tail. Rahu Ketu creates a dangerous defect called Kalsarp Dosh.

Kalsarpa Yoga
Many times people get upset due to Kalsarpa Yoga and start doing many types of worship and Yagya etc. But there is such a thing in the house itself, using which the defect of both these planets gets reduced. To control Rahu-Ketu, a brass bell or bell kept in the house is considered very effective.

According to Vastu Shastra, the sound or vibration of the bell is helpful in increasing vitality and removing negative energy. This is the reason why bells or bells are rung in temples. The sound emanating from it removes the defects of these planets. Both these planets create mental tension and confusion. Due to which the person is not able to think properly. His thinking power goes in the wrong direction. The bell reduces this negative energy.

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In the scriptures, the worship bell has been given the noun of Naad. According to Skanda Purana, when the creation started, there was a sound. In the modern era, that sound is considered to be the symbol of the sound of a bell. It is believed that the same Naad means sound emerges from the bell. The sound that comes out in the pronunciation of Omkar.

The bird king Garuda is pleased with the sound of the bell.
According to mythological beliefs, the bell is related to Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. The sound vibrations produced by the ringing of the bell are equal to the vibrations of the Garuda Mantra. That’s why by ringing the bell one gets the blessings of the king of birds Garuda, by this both the planets become pacified.

How’s the bell?
According to belief, there should be a symbol of Garuda on the top of the bell. If such a bell is in the house, then it is the best. The bell with the symbol of Garuda, incense in hand, worships and performs aarti, the sins of many births of that person are destroyed.

benefits of ringing the bell

  1. If the money is stuck then Lakshmi ji is pleased by ringing the bell in regular aarti.
  2. The sound of the bell calms the mind and heart. This makes it easy to meditate on God.
  3. According to science, the sound of the bell not only destroys many types of negative energy, but also destroys the germs and viruses present in the air. Due to which a positive energy is felt in the environment.
  4. The sound of a bell made of metal balances the right and left side of the brain. According to astrology, all the healing points of the body can be activated by the sound of a bell.

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