Risk of stroke in children: Kovid-19 also increased the risk of stroke in children, warns in new research


In a new study, it is being claimed that the risk of stroke is increasing in children who had an infection of Kovid-19.
Although till now stroke in children is rare.

Risk of stroke after corona in children: After corona infection, its side effects are still being seen in adults. Many adults are facing the brunt of corona even after two years. Now a new study is claiming that the risk of stroke is increasing in children who were infected with Kovid-19. This has been claimed in the study done in America. According to the report published in the Pediatric Neurology Journal, between March 2020 and June 2021, the data related to the hospitalization of children in about 16 hospitals was analyzed and it was found that the risk of ischemic stroke in children has increased.

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Ischemic stroke cases increased
According to the news of NDTV, these cases came more after May 2021 when the cases of Kovid-19 in children were increasing. Half of the children undergoing treatment for stroke were already corona infected. The interesting thing is that these children had definitely had corona but their symptoms were not serious. They got cured only after minor treatment or got cured without any treatment. But concern has increased due to increase in cases of ischemic stroke in these children. It was found in the study that five children who were not even tested for corona also had a stroke. Leading pediatrician and professor at the University of Utah, Maryglen J. Villeaux, told that it is probably due to hyper immune response.

Fewer cases of stroke in children
Mariglenn J Willioux told that overall the risk of stroke in children is very low but after corona this risk has increased. So far stroke in children is rare. But new data shows that the total number of strokes at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital was significantly higher than what has been seen historically. But new data shows that the number of children reaching the hospital with complaints of stroke has started increasing. This study will make doctors and patients more alert than before. Children will need to be very careful. Parents of children should be cautious about this.

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