Saree is going to wear for the first time, take help of 5 best ways, you will get perfect look easily


For wearing a saree for the first time, a selection of chiffon or cotton sarees is best.
You can carry an attractive look in saree by paying attention to the fitting of the petticoat.

Saree Carrying Tips for First Time: Most of the women often prefer to wear saree to look beautiful on any special occasion. Although some women do not have any experience of wearing saree. In such a situation, if you are also planning to wear saree for the first time. So by taking the help of some easy tips while wearing saree, you can carry a perfect and gorgeous look in a jiffy.

Women have to face many problems while wearing saree for the first time. In such a situation, many challenges come in front of women, from making saree plates to keeping the pallu right. So let us tell you some simple tips to wear saree, by following which you can look best in saree.

choose a light saree
Some women opt for Kanjeevaram or Banarasi sarees to get the best look while wearing saree for the first time. Although these sarees are quite heavy. After wearing which you may feel uncomfortable. That’s why the selection of chiffon or cotton sarees is best for wearing a saree for the first time.

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Try the Pre-Plate
If you are not used to wearing saree. So you can pleat the saree beforehand. This will make it very easy for you to wear the saree and the look of the saree will also look perfect.

don’t forget to pin
While wearing a saree for the first time, women often avoid pinning. Due to which you may have difficulty in handling the saree. So don’t forget to pin it well while wearing the saree. With this, your look will also look organized.

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wear a unique blouse
It is best to follow a simple method while wearing a saree for the first time. But if you want to carry a unique look in saree. So you can experiment with the blouse. In such a situation, wearing a spaghetti blouse, shirt style blouse or crop top can prove to be a perfect option.

selection of petticoats
Due to being under the saree, sometimes women ignore the petticoat. But the fitting of the petticoat helps in giving an attractive look to the saree. In this case, while choosing a saree, it is best to wear a fitting and matching petticoat.

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