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Saree Reuse: Designer cigarette paint can be made from old saris, how to reuse

Old Saree Reuse as cigarette paint: Every woman is very much in love with her old sarees. No matter how many new and fashionable sarees are accumulating in the cupboards, the old saree does not feel like removing. However, there is definitely a desire to preserve them in some other form. But not every sari suit and lehenga can be made. Because even if you do this, there will be unaccounted lehengas and suits. Then what to do with the old sarees that you can carry your favorite saree in some other way. Another option is to make Cigarette Paint from an old saree. Those casual and casual look good on every occasion.

use of border

Choose a saree that has a beautiful border. Rest of the saree is plain. Get cigarette paint made from such a saree. Get the border design done at the bottom. If the border is thin, you can get it done on the entire length from the side as well.

transparent style

If you make a cigarette paint of a georgette or chiffon sari, you can get it made without lining. This will definitely make the cigarette paint look a bit flimsy but the fall will be great. If you are comfortable in such a style, then you can also get such paint made.

mesh design

Make a cigarette paint of the sari under the net design and get the net design of the sari cloth done in different ways. You can set these nets on the bottom panel or in the middle according to the design.

net saree

The cigarette paint of a net saree will also look very stylish. If you can afford a slightly cool look, then get the cigarette pend design done with half lining.

a few different options

By the way, it is not necessary to make only cigarette paint. You can also get a nice sharara or plojo designed from the saree. Depending on the size of your saree, you can decide what design to get done with it.

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