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Sawan 2023: When will Sawan start?, Note all Sawan Monday dates, Pooja Muhurta

Sawan Month 2023: Sawan month has great importance in Hinduism. There is a special method of worshiping Mahadev in the month of Shravan. In this month, Sawan Somvar Vrat is of utmost importance. Shravan month is most dear to Lord Bholenath. Devotees try their best to please Bholenath on their behalf. Let us know when it is starting in the year 2023.

Sawan Somwar 2023 Date

In the year 2023, there will be a total of 4 Mondays in the month of Sawan. According to the Panchang, the first Monday is 10th July, second Monday 17th July, third Monday 24th July and fourth Monday is falling on 31st July.

Significance of Sawan month

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The month of Sawan is dedicated to Lord Bholenath. Devotees remain engrossed in the worship of Bhole Nath throughout the month of Sawan. Devotees keep fast on Monday. It is a belief that Lord Shiva is pleased by offering belpatra and water. Due to which the wish is fulfilled. In this month, devotees also go to many religious places to worship Lord Bholenath. In this month, there is a tradition of fasting on Monday and bathing in Sawan. Lakhs of devotees also go on Kanwar Yatra on foot in Sawan. Kanwar Yatra also has special significance in this month. Also, by fasting on sixteen Somvati in this month, unmarried girls get desired life partner.

Puja Vidhi (Sawan Somwar Puja vidhi)

  • Wake up before sunrise for the whole month. get a shower. Clean the place of worship and set up the altar.
  • Go to the temple and offer milk to Lord Shivalinga. Take a vow of Mahadev’s fast. Offer prayers to Lord Shiva twice a day.
  • Use sesame oil in worship. Offer betel nut, panch amrit, coconut and bael leaves to Shiva while chanting mantras. Recite the Sawan Vrat Katha during the fast. Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.
  • After the worship is over in the evening, break the fast and eat normal food. Green color has special significance in the month of Sawan. The favorite color of Lord Bholenath is green. Therefore, in the month of Sawan, women wear green rotis or suits. Women apply mehndi on their hands.

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