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Say bye-bye to germs frozen in the house with these easy tips

Home Cleaning Tips: Germs and bacteria are the uninvited guests of the house. If we do not drive them in the right way every day, then they can spoil our health. Because often the house that we see clean is not really that clean. Many of its parts or things are repeatedly touched by many members over and over again. In such a situation, it is common for germs to accumulate.

The hands with which we touch these things, put them on our face or other parts of the body, sometimes even eat them with the same hands, due to which the germs present in them have a bad effect on our health. In such a situation, by adopting some special tips, you can keep your house away from germs and infections.

Where are the most germs in the house

Before cleaning the house, it should be known where most germs can be. Actually the switch board, doorknob, handle and dole bell present in the house, telephone, washbasin, mop, pillow, sheet, towel, comb, TV or AC remote, fridge and its handle, sofa, walls slightly above the floor, stairs, In places like balcony railings, germs live by making their homes, so first of all they should be cleaned (Germs-Bacteria Free Home).

Follow these tips to get rid of germs from home

First of all, where germs can hide in the house, clean such places daily.

Bed sheets, sofas and pillow covers should be washed every week with hot water.

Clean the washbasin every day. If you use a tissue to wipe your hands, then keep it in a closed holder.

Have separate towels for each member of the family. Wash the towel thoroughly after every day use and dry it in the sun.

Keep shoes and slippers coming from outside with feet outside the house. Clean them also in two to three days.

Kitchen cleaning every corner

The kitchen is the part of the house where most of the germs can hide. Since food is prepared here, cleanliness here is very important for health. The kitchen should be cleaned every day. Here most germs are found on the platform, sink top, stove, kitchen towel or switch board, so their cleanliness becomes very important. Follow these tips to keep the kitchen clean…

Cleaning before cooking

Keep the place where you cook food clean.

After cutting vegetables and goods, clean the place, always keep the chopping board clean.

Clean the sink and slab daily with anti-bacterial wipes or a clean cloth with disinfectant

Clean electronic appliances like fridge, oven once a week.

Clean the dish cloth with disinfectant, change the dish cloth and sponge from time to time.

Clean the kitchen floor thoroughly once a day.

If the bathroom is clean, then every disease will remain away

After the kitchen, if any part of the house needs the most cleanliness, then it is the bathroom. Things like bathroom faucet, washbasin, flush button, bathtub, soap or hand wash are touched many times by all the members of the house and from here germs can spread throughout the house, so cleaning the bathroom becomes very important.

By adopting these tips, you can keep the bathroom clean and keep diseases away from home.

Keep the slippers you wear in the bathroom separate.

always keep the bathroom door closed

Clean the floor, toilet seat, flush button, faucet with detergent every day

Every member of the family came out after cleaning the bathroom after taking a bath.

Use the same brush in the toilet that has a lid

Clean the handwash-soap kept on the washbasin daily.

Clean the washbasin and tap every day.

Keep soap in a soap-pot, not in the open.

Flush only after closing the toilet lid.

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