Scorpio-N and XUV700 owners in shock! Vehicles will have to be taken back to the company, know what is the reason


The SUV has been recalled on the basis of quality control issues.
A defect in the rubber bellows in the clutch bell housing has been detected.
Customers will have to take their SUV to the dealership.

New Delhi. Mahindra has recalled the recently launched Mahindra Scorpio-N and XUV700 SUVs. According to a report in CarToq, the company has recalled the SUV on the grounds of quality control lapses on the part of the vendor, which may affect the ‘operational dimensional clearance’ of the rubber bellows found inside the clutch bell housing. The purpose of the recall is to inspect and replace the rubber bellows.

The models recalled by Mahindra include 6,618 units of the Scorpio-N and 12,566 units of the XUV700. All these models are manual transmission units. To check these cars, customers will be called like a dealership. After this, the customers will have to take their car to the dealership to get it tested. If any defect is found here, the necessary parts will be replaced. The special thing is that no charge will be made from the customers for this.

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Recalled the model of this date

An official statement from Mahindra has been cited in the report. In this, the company has said that a batch of 6618 units of Scorpio-N manual transmission vehicles and 12,566 units of XUV700 manual transmission vehicles have been recalled. This includes models manufactured between July 1 and November 11, 2022. Mahindra is actively engaged in this limited inspection and subsequent rectification free of charge. The customers will be personally contacted by the dealership.

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There is a waiting period of 2 years on these cars.

The Mahindra Scorpio-N was launched in June 2022, while the Mahindra XUV700 was launched in October this year. Both the SUVs come with a 2.2-litre mHawk turbocharged diesel engine. The engine gets 6 speed manual and torque converter automatic gearbox options. Bookings for the Scorpio-N are currently closed and there is a waiting period of up to 2 years depending on the specific variant, while the Mahindra XUV has a waiting period of up to 1 year.

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