Shani Sade Sati: Do not do such things even by mistake in Saturn’s Sade Sati, otherwise there may be a big loss

Lord Shani gives fruits to a person according to his deeds. This is the reason why people are afraid of Shani’s evil eye. On the other hand, during Shani’s Sade Sati, there are some such works, which should be avoided.

In Hinduism, Shani Dev is considered to be such a god, displeasing whom can cost a person a lot. That’s why a person always wants to keep Lord Shani happy. But even if Shani Sade Sati is going on you, you may have to face many problems. Many types of problems surround the people of Sade Sati and the work starts getting spoiled. In such a situation, these things should not be done even by mistake during Sade Sati. By doing this Shani Dev can become more angry with you.

say no to meat and alcohol

Shani Dev is called the giver of karma, because he gives fruits to a person according to his deeds. On the other hand, if Saturn’s half-and-half is going on, then during this time you should not consume meat and alcohol even by mistake. Because by doing this Shani Dev may get angry with you. Apart from this, try not to eat tamasik food on Saturday.

don’t wear black clothes

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. That’s why it is generally advised to wear black clothes on Saturdays. But if you are also suffering from Sade Sati. So one should avoid wearing black clothes during any auspicious work on Saturday. Because there is a possibility of spoiling your work due to this.

don’t disturb the animals

Animals should not be tortured like this. But if you are under the influence of Shani Sade Sati, then you should not commit this mistake even by mistake. In such times, feeding bread to a black dog on Saturday is beneficial. On the other hand, Shani Dev is pleased by feeding any animal on Saturday. During this time you can feed bread to the cow. This reduces the effect of Sade Sati.

don’t waste food

We are all taught from a young age that food should not be wasted. You should avoid doing this even by mistake during Saturn’s Sade Sati. During this, you should donate food along with providing food to the poor and needy on Saturdays. On the other hand, if the food is left, instead of throwing it, feed it to an animal.

don’t sleep late

If Shani Sade Sati is going on you, then you should not sleep till late in the morning. Because this can make Shani Dev angry with you. One should wake up before sunrise in half past seven and worship Shani Dev. Special worship of Shani Dev should be done on Saturday and water should be offered to the Peepal tree. And in the evening, a lamp of bitter oil should be lit in the Shani temple.

don’t hurt the poor

If Shani Sade Sati is going on you too, then during this time you should not insult any poor person even by mistake. Please tell that Shani Dev can get angry with you for insulting a poor and elderly person. That’s why special care should be taken during Sade Sati.

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