Share Market Today: Today the market will create history, for the first time it can go beyond 63 thousand, where should investors place their bets?

New Delhi. The Indian stock market is looking set to make gains in the third consecutive trading session this week. Despite the decline and pressure in the global market, Indian investors are looking full of hope and their full emphasis is on buying. Experts believe that even in today’s business, there may be some pressure in the beginning, but if the positive sentiment of the investors remains, the Sensex will cross the historic figure of 63 thousand today.

The Sensex climbed 177 points to close at 62,682 in the previous session, while the Nifty gained 55 points to reach 18,618. Experts believe that even in today’s business, the effect of the ongoing decline in the global market may be visible on the Indian market. But, here the sentiment of the investors is looking completely positive, who are insisting on buying. Even today, if this sentiment remains intact, the Sensex will easily cross the figure of 63 thousand.

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The condition of the US and European markets
Investors are looking cautious ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting in the US. This is the reason that in the last trading session, weakness is visible on all the major stock exchanges of America. The S&P 500 closed down 0.16 percent, while the Dow Jones gained 0.01 percent, while the NASDAQ was down 0.59 percent.

On the other hand, most of the stock markets in Europe showed a rise during the last trading session. Germany’s stock exchange closed at a loss of 0.19 per cent but the French stock market showed a gain of 0.06 per cent. The Stock Exchange of London also closed at a gain of 0.51 per cent.

Asian markets mixed
There is a mixed trend in the stock markets of Asia today. While Singapore’s Stock Exchange is showing a decline of 0.11 per cent, Japan’s Nikkei is trading at a loss of 0.74 per cent. Hong Kong’s stock market is also showing a loss of 0.35 per cent. At the same time, Taiwan’s stock market is trading today with a gain of 0.12 percent, while South Korea’s Kospi is also showing a gain of 0.51 percent.

These shares will give profit
According to experts, there are many such stocks in today’s business, on which investors will keep an eye. Such stocks are called stocks with high delivery percentage. Today stocks in this category include shares of companies like ICICI Bank, HDFC, HDFC Bank, HDFC Life Insurance Company and Bosch.

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maintain the confidence of foreign investors
The process of investing money of foreign investors in the Indian stock market continues and in the last trading session also, foreign institutional investors bought shares worth Rs 1,241.57 crore. Meanwhile, domestic institutional investors also bought shares worth Rs 744.42 crore.

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