Shark Tank India: 18-year-old boy reached to ask for funding, people felt ‘shocked’, said – it is useless for us to be born

New Delhi. Shark Tank India Season 2 is also very much liked by the people. Entrepreneurs from all over the country are proving their talent on the platform of Shark Tank. Shark Tank India helps entrepreneurs with their investments. Through this show, entrepreneurs get a chance to grow their business with new ideas. Here the startups of some people have won the hearts of the sharks and the public. Sharks were surprised to know about the business journey of Shreyan Daga who came to seek funding for his startup, while social media users are stunned to know about his business success at such a young age.

Shreyan Daga is the founder of a skill development company. In Shark Tank India, when he told that he started his first startup at the age of 8, there was no limit to the surprise of the sharks. His surprise increased further when he asked Daga his age. Daga told that recently he has celebrated his 18th birthday. Daga cracked the deal with Vinita and Piyush for Rs 30 lakh on 5 per cent equity.

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Startup started at the age of 8
Shreyan told that he started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 8. At the age of 8, Daga started selling his paintings and earned Rs 9,000. When he was in seventh grade, he did an internship in the stock market. When he was in ninth, he started giving loans to the school. He used to earn 40-50 per cent interest on the loan. Daga left studies after passing 10th standard. Now he runs a skill development startup called OLL.

Daga told that his father is an investor. He has started his startup by taking Rs 2 lakh from his father. He returned the money given to his father by multiplying it many folds. Knowing Daga’s revenue, shark Aman Gupta gave him a standing ovation and called him a champion.

Twitter users said – it is useless to take our birth
Hearing the commercial success of Shreyan Daga at a very young age, many Twitter users were floored. Users are praising Shreyan a lot, while many users are jokingly saying that they are jealous of Shreyan. One Twitter user wrote, “It is useless for us to be born.” While another user wrote, “I am facing existential crisis.” Similarly, another user wrote that knowing Shreyan’s age, I feel that my age has passed to do something and I have become old.

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