Shark Tank India: Seeing the pitcher’s nose, Anupam Mittal remembered Sholay’s Jalal Aga, the person introduced himself, then a big secret was revealed

New Delhi. The second season of Shark Tank India is also gaining a lot of popularity like the first season. In every episode of the show, more than one entrepreneur comes. His business model sometimes blows the senses of the sharks and sometimes his personality surprises the judges. Recently a new promo of the show was released. Seeing the nose of a pitcher in this video, founder Anupam Mittal remembered Jalal Agha dancing with Helen in the film Sholay. However, when the pitcher revealed his identity, at least once no one believed him. Actually, Pitcher is the nephew of Bollywood artist Jalal Agha.

In the new promo of Shark Tank India, a video of Anupam Mittal has been shared, whose caption reads, ‘Shark Anupam ko aayi kisi ki yaad seeing this pitcher’s nose.’ This video is becoming very viral. At the beginning of the promo, Anupam says to the pitcher, Sir, you are Jalal Agha? Somebody told you that you look like Jalal Agha.

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