Should diabetic patients eat fruits? You will be surprised to know the truth, will never make a mistake

Diabetes & Fruits: It is generally believed that eating fruits is very beneficial for health. This is absolutely true and this is the reason why people enjoy fruits fiercely in every season. People suffering from diabetes are often advised not to eat fruits. Many people believe that eating fruits can increase blood sugar and worsen the condition of diabetic patients. Diabetes patients are often confused whether they should eat fruits or not. Today we will know from a diabetes specialist whether sugar patients should eat fruits or not. If yes then how should it be eaten?

of Saharanpur in UP Diabetologist Dr Lalit Kaushik It is said that diabetic patients can also enjoy fruits in small quantities. There is no harm to them by eating fruits and the body gets nutrients. It should be kept in mind that fruits should not be eaten in excess and if the sugar level is very high then fruits should be avoided in that condition as well. Fruits are rich in fructose, which does not directly affect the blood sugar level much. However, sugar patients should eat only fresh fruits.

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At what time is it beneficial to eat fruits?

According to diabetes specialist, sugar patients should eat fruits at night. Doing this will not harm them and will strengthen the body. Jamun is considered most beneficial for diabetes patients. Apart from this, kiwi, orange, avocado and grapes are also beneficial. Sugar patients should avoid eating too many sweet fruits. Diabetes patients who have kidney problem or whose condition is serious, they should eat fruits only after the advice of the doctor.

eat fruit instead of juice

According to the doctor, instead of drinking fruit juice, diabetic patients should eat fruits. There is a risk of increasing blood sugar by consuming fruit juices, while eating fruits reduces this risk to a great extent. Sugar patients should not consume cold drinks or other sugary drinks at all. Consuming these things can increase blood sugar rapidly and the patient’s health condition can worsen.

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