Should I wash my hair on the third day of my period? What does science say and what is the opinion of women

Coming of period every month is a natural and necessary biological process for any young woman. There is nothing in this that should not be talked about. Yes, today’s question is related to this. Today we are talking about the tradition going on with this. That too according to science and opinion of women. We have seen in our families that women avoid bathing and washing their hair during periods. To know the reason behind this, we did some research and gathered some information for you. So let’s know what is the logic behind women avoiding bathing and washing hair?

Actually, we tried to know the answer to this question from women only. for this we quora Used the website. Here we got the question why women should wash their hair on the third day of their period. Got many answers on this. One of the answers is of Arya Devi. Arya writes- I have also heard that girls should not wash their hair till the third day of their period. Actually, the logic behind this is that there is a pen in the tablet. to relieve pain body warm Should stay This makes the pen less. Washing hair will lower body temperature and increase pain. You can say here that why not wash hair with hot water in such a situation. But doing so can spoil your hair. As far as I am concerned, I used to take bath everyday even during my period. But, I was in a lot of pain. For this I also had to take pain pills. One day I experimented that let’s not take bath today and see what difference it makes. You won’t believe the great relief I got from the pain. Now I do not take pain pills and avoid taking bath during periods. Hope you will get benefit from this experience of mine.

Another user Jasmita writes Jasmi. Trust me… weird happens to me. Myth or fact whatever. You should learn from your body. For the past one year, if I wash my hair in the week when my period is about to come, then my period comes on the same day.

Whereas, Poonam Malhotra writes – This is a myth. Probably it has been going on for centuries when people used river or pond water for drinking, bathing and other purposes. All these sources were public and bathing there during periods ladies Could have been embarrassing for. Second, it is not comfortable for other people as well. For this reason women or girls were advised not to bathe or wash their hair during periods. They say that it is good to take a bath everyday. Especially during the period, one must take a bath to maintain cleanliness. There is no scientific or medical fact behind this, which says that women or girls should not bathe on their head during periods. This is totally up to each and every woman to decide.

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what does science say
We scoured several authoritative medical websites to find out what medical science has to say about head baths during periods. One of these websites is- This is one of the largest hospitals in America, Boston Children’s Hospital. hospital This is a website created in partnership with the Division of Gynecology. Here a user has asked a question- Will it be okay to wash hair during periods? Mother says that doing this is not good for health, but she does not tell why? The answer to this question has been given in this way – it is a common myth. There is no problem in washing hair during periods. You can take bath anytime during the period. The myth about period is there ever since the period of girls is coming. For this reason, your mother must have heard this from someone at some point of time. You should check out our health guide to know about the science facts about periods.

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