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Should thorny plants be planted in the house or not? Know what is the effect

Vastu Tips For Plants: Trees and plants have special importance in Vastu Shastra. Trees and plants bring both positive and negative energy to the house. Therefore, the selection of trees and plants in the house should be done very carefully. Many rules related to trees and plants have been told in Vastu Shastra. In the absence of information, some people plant any plant in the house. In Vastu Shastra, it has been advised not to plant some plants in the house. These plants have negative effects in the house. Let’s know about them.

Do not plant thorny plants in the house

According to Vastu Shastra, thorny plants should not be planted in the house. Planting plants like cactus and hawthorn inside the house is considered inauspicious. According to Vastu, these plants increase negative energy. By applying them, the happiness and peace of the house goes away. In a house where there are thorny trees and plants, there is always a fear of enemies. There is an unknown fear-like situation in the minds of the members of this house. That is why in Vastu Shastra it is forbidden to plant thorny plants inside the house.

Planting this plant is also inauspicious

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Apart from thorny plants, the plants from whose leaves milk comes out, they should also not be planted in the house. It is believed that by applying these, negative energy and diseases spread in the house. On the other hand, planting bonsai, tamarind and henna plants in the house has a bad effect on the economic condition of the family members. These trees and plants act as obstacles in progress. Dry and withered plants should also not be kept in the house. Due to its effect, the atmosphere of the house always remains sad and tense.

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